Lon Lowenstein

“Our family has had a longstanding meaningful connection with the Jewish Community Foundation. My grandfather, Louis Lowenstein, and my great uncle, Carl Lowenstein, contributed a significant portion of their estates to the Foundation. My father served as Foundation President (1991-94), while I have long served on the Board. The Lowenstein Family Supporting Foundation has been an integral part of our family’s philanthropic tradition through which we have supported innovative programs and services across the spectrum of the Jewish and general communities. The resources of the Foundation, primarily its staff, are invaluable to our mission, and have helped us become better philanthropists. The input of our community trustees provides a wealth of knowledge and ensures that we maximize our charitable impact. Jewish camping, which is a top funding priority of ours, has been proven to be a strong support of Jewish continuity. Each August the returning campers bring the energy and enthusiasm gained from their camp experiences back to our community.”