Michael and Lindsay Fineman

“We can’t thank the Foundation enough for helping us set up our fund. Knowing that, with three growing daughters, there will likely be many unexpected expenses, this fund is an easy way to proactively set aside money for philanthropic organizations that are meaningful to us. As younger adults, we realized we were most often making many small donations in a disorganized way and could never be sure our dollars were making a significant impact. By keeping our philanthropic budget in a fund, we have time to be more thoughtful with where our contributions can be the most helpful. Most importantly, we want to teach our kids the value of giving tzedakah, doing mitzvot, and contributing back to this wonderful community. We set up our fund with the hope that our girls will also find causes they are passionate about, will be able to use the fund toward helping those organizations every year, and will be able to pass this fund down to future generations.”